So we have created things called “weeks” on our blog. Weeks are themed ideas for blog posts throughout the week. Sometimes the posts on the weekend are coordinated with them, but they are mostly for Saturday and Sunday. Basically it means that Tay will post something every Saturday and Lei will post something different every Saturday, but the two posts will have the same theme. Every Sunday we post a blog post titled “Announcements+Week” where we post that week’s theme and other announcements. Even though Friday is part of the “work week”, we are considering it a weekend. The weeks are created around random topics. Sometimes they might have to do with the season or holiday, and sometimes they are completely random! Please contact us on the “contact” form if you have any ideas for posts or any week theme ideas. Also, we will post every week’s theme below. -L&T


All of Our Weeks:


Week of December 1: Dance Week

Week of December 7: Travel Week

Week of December 14: Wishes Week

Week of December 21: Winter Week

Week of December 28: School Week


Week of January 4: Study Week

Week of January 11: TMI Week

Week of January 18: Valentines Week

Week of January 25: DIY Week

Week of February 1: Food Week

Week of Feburary 9: Makeup Week

Week of Feburary 15: Winter Favorites

Week of June 19/June 26: Summer Week

Week of July 3-16: CAMP

Week of November 14: Thanksgiving Week!