Life Update//DID WE QUIT BLOGGING FOREVER?! Holiday posts?


It has been a while since our last post here on CBB. No, we did not quit the blog nor have no interest in blogging. We still love writing posts and miss it. Since school has started, we have been so busy with all of the homework and tests it’s too hard to keep up with tuesday and thursday posting.

Although, we will be posting weekly again!

We have made the decision that Lei and I will both post on Saturday. Every Saturday, 2 separate posts will be coming in. On Sunday we post our together posts and the new “week”. We can’t wait to get back to blogging!

In honor of our first week back at it, this week will be….

Thanksgiving week!!

Expect a post from both Lei and Tay on Saturday, a group post on Sunday, and a weeks update on Sunday as well.

I hope you are as happy as we are about the decision!

FYI: Our official Instagram is @ChicBirdBlog. We follow back!

Our official Pinterest is @ChicBirdBlog. We also follow back!





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