How to get the perfect summer tan!

Hey guys! It’s lei! This is my first time posting in a while! My summer post for this week is how to get a tan! Here are my all natural tips for getting an amazing tan:

  1. My first advice is, before you even do anything, EXFOLIATE!
    It’s important to rub away the dead skin cells or any loose, rough skin and oils before you go out in the sun.
    If you don’t do this, there’s a chance you will end up with an uneven tan!
  2. The second most important thing you should know is to NEVER ever go sunbathing with makeup on. I know some people who go to the beach in full party makeup and it’s just ridiculous. Not only do you look like a clown, but you’re damaging your skin too!
    I love makeup but please. Not for tanning. Try using lip balm instead, and make sure you remove any excess makeup. You don’t want to have spots on your face and your skin to look blotchy for the rest of your life, do you?
    It’s really really important.
  3. Try products with carotene and caffeine in them, they enchance tanning and the result will be an even deeper, richer tan!
    There are a lot of tanning lotions on the market that contain both of these ingredients! You can also get beta-carotene in pill forms, but to be honest, I’ve never tried those and don’t plan to either! A great substitute is to drink carrot juice, you can mix apple, kiwi, any sort of fruit into it if you don’t like the taste, it’s also nice if you add some ginger too! Carrot’s contain carotene which boost and intensify tanning!
  4. 4. Glitter tanning oil/lotion. Trust me it’s amazing! The glitter attracts the sun rays, so your tan will be even better, I guarantee you! In some countries, you can get tanning lotions and oils which already have the glitter in them, but if you can’t find any, don’t worry! You can just mix your own glitter in it! It’s easy as that! I suggest you use fine glitter, almost like powder, and not chunky glitter.The glitter will add a gorgeous sparkle to your skin. Not only will it make your tan better, it will also provide you with an instant glow!
  5.  Cocoa butter works wonders!
    Yes, I know that people bake  with cocoa butter, but believe me, it also works wonders when it comes to sunbaking!
    Once you’ve achieved a nice tan, you can start using it to intensify your tan even more, and be even more bronzed!
    You can get it at a pharmacy or your local grocery store, you can ask for it melted, or in a bar, which looks just like soap. Just rub it on your skin and you’re done! It will make it super smooth and moisturize your skin along with giving you a better tan!
  6. Tan near the water, or in the water on a mattress.
    If you go in the water every 20 minutes or so, you’ll tan much easier! Water reflects and intensifies the sun rays!
  7. The last, but most important one. If your skin is sensitive, you’re fair skinned, or you just want protection against harmful UVB rays, please don’t forget to use sunscreen! I am personally very fair, so I get burned very easily! Even if you have olive or darker skin tones it’s a good idea to wear it just in case and to prevent skin cancer!

Happy tanning!




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