Eye makeup tips!

No intro here.

Eyeshadow + eyeliner:

The first step to eyeshadow and liner is finding the right colors for your eye color!  

  1. Brown: sage, blue, pewter and rosy magenta! For eyeliner, use navy!
  2. Blue: tan, earth tones, gold and yellow! For eyeliner, use peach!
  3. Green: taupe with a hint of gray, lilac/lavender, rusty copper and coral! For eyeliner, use plum!

How to do eyeshadow! Many palletes will have labeled colors for this, but you need to know this anyway! This is just for a basic look, not for a complex look!

  1. First, put on your base color! Your base color is usually a light color. It should be white, cream or light pink. It could be shimmery or matte. You should apply this from your lash line to your browbone.
  2. Next, apply your main color. This could really be any color depending on your look. Apply this to your lid.
  3. Now, apply a eyeshadow two or three shades darker color to your crease.
  4. Finally, apply a shimmery really light color to your inner crease!
  5. After this, you will apply your eyeliner and then mascara!

Again, that was just a basic look. More complex looks often involve eyeshadow in the outer corner, highlighting and/or blending!

Eyeliner and mascara tips:

TIP #1: use an angled brush to apply a dark eyeshadow (black, dark brown, plum, navy) like it’s eyeliner!

TIP #2: use clear mascara for a subtler look!

TIP #3: when you are halfway up your lashes when applying mascara, blink slowly! It makes your lashes look super long!

TIP #4: for a perfect wing, flick your eyeliner pencil or brush out quickly, moving up and to the side! It looks awesome!

TIP #5: use an eyeliner pencil for smoky, a liquid liner for bold and brown liner for subtle!

TIP #6: make sure to look up when applying mascara!

TIP #7: going to a party!? Wear blue, purple or teal eyeshadow for a wild look!

TIP #8: never apply mascara to your bottom lashes. It’ll look bad.

TIP #9: for a smoky look, smudge your bottom liner a little bit with your fiber or a brush!

TIP #10: if you mess up, try again! Eventually you’ll get it!

Thanks for reading! I hope you found this helpful! Comment below on your favorite eye products! 


Lei 💜😘




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