Easy lunches + after school snack ideas!

Hey gal pals! That was odd. Well, anyways, it’s Food Week and I’ll be telling you some awesome lunch ideas for the weekends and after school snacks! Hope you like them!

Turkey wrap! This is so delicious and easy to make!

  1. Take a plain flour or corn tortilla and spread hummus all over it!
  2. Put a couple deli turkey slice s on it!
  3. Add your veggies! I like using arugula, lettuce, tomatoes and avocado! You can also kale if you like it!

Pasta!!!! Come on, who doesn’t love it.

  1. Well obviously first you have to make your pasta! It’ll usually say on the package, but if not you can look it up.
  2. Mix in some pasta sauce! Do not overdo it! You only need a little!
  3. Add some steamed zucchini and cherry tomatoes!

Caprese salad + sides! This is the fastest and in my opinion the most delicious! Plus, it’s super healthy!

  1. Add some mozerella and tomato slices to some baby spinach leaves!
  2. Ok, your first side to fill you up is a bean salad! Just layer black beans, garbanzo beans and kidney beans!
  3. Your second side to fill you up is simply goat cheese and crackers! This is yummy!

After school snacks:

  1. Hummus and crackers/carrots! So delicious!
  2. COOKIES!!!!!
  3. Fruit salad!
  4. Mini chicken tacos!
  5. Goat cheese and crackers!

There you go! 3 easy lunches and 5 awesome after school snacks! Comment below and tell me if I missed anything! Also, if you made one of these, definitely comment and tell me!







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