Top 5 Best DIY Nail Art Looks! 💅🏻

Hey guys! Happy Lei Thursday! It’s DIY week, so I’ll be telling you how to do 5 awesome DIY nail art looks! I’m going to do sort of categories! You’ll see! Now, welcome to the Nail Art Academy Awards!

  1. Best matte nail art! image

And the award goes to…BadGirlNail’s chevron and pink nude look! This is such a simple nail art! Plus, it’s matte! I don’t have a lot of matte polishes, but I really need to get some because they are so awesome! The nude nail polish in this look is Laura G’s “Fifth Avenue”! Cheat your way to easy chevron with pre-made vinyl stickers! If you want to go complex, use a thin tipped brush to make the chevron!

2.  Best glitter nail art!


And the award goes to…mllrdesign’s ombré glitter design! Clean your nails and apply your base coat. When they are dry apply two coats of orange nail polish half way across the nail. Paint a little bit of pink over the orange and apply it up to the nail tip. Take your glitter polish and apply it on your nail three fourths the way downward to the nail tips. This helps create the ombré look. Use the same nail polish to swipe the glitter from the midway point of the nail towards the tip. At last pat the tip of the nail with the glitter polish to create the darkest part of the ombré effect. To protect the design seal it with clear coat on top.

3. Best holiday nail art!


This is so cute! I love the penguin! For the full tutorial, click here!

4. Best summer nail art!


And the award goes to…stayglam’s sunset beach look! This is so cute! I love this look for summer! Click here for the full tutorial!

5. Best ombré nail art!


I love this look! It’s so pretty! The picture basically describes how to do it! I think this would be great for summer or spring!

Thanks for reading! I hope you guys liked the looks I put! Big shoutout to the people who made these looks! I could never be that good! If you guys ever need help doing a look or finding the right color, comment below and I’ll help! 


Lei 💗💜💖💛



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