Today’s Makeup Look

Hey guys! It’s Tay! Happy Wednesday! Don’t you wish it was Friday 😦 Anyways, today’s makeup look is natural! I am doing a look that is mainly focused on skin-care! How to make your skin look healthy and clear! So let’s get started!

  1. Start by applying a face treatment or cream to your face the night before you do this look. Also do an exfoliating cleanser or face wash.
  2. Apply a cleanser in the morning (I like the cleansers by  Avenno) 
  3. Apply some moisturizer(regular or tinted) to your face. Apply foundation to your whole entire face if you use it.
  4. Take some concealer and put it on any blemishes, under your eyes, and anywhere else you apply your concealer. 
  5. Do a natural eyeshadow look by taking a light brown and blending it into your crease. Take a cream and highlight your brow bone.
  6. Apply some bronzer with a fan brush to your cheekbones. (Tip: if you don’t have a fan brush, take a normal blush brush and put a Bobby pin horizontally onto the bottom of the brush and boom! You have a fan brush!)
  7. Finish with a light peach blush and some lip gloss! 

There you have it! Easy makeup! Have any products you recommend, or need help finding products? Also do you need any help coming up with a daily routine? Comment below! I would love to help! I hope this helps you! Bye! -Tayy xoxo


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