Today’s Makeup Look!!

Hey guys! It’s Lei! Today I’m going to do a dramatic Black Swan inspired look! It’s not going to be as dramatic as you know the movie, but it’ll still be dramatic!


  1. Wash your face with a light cleanser!
  2. Apply concealer to any of your blemishes.
  3. Apply under-eye concealer.
  4. Since you have to be pale to be a swan, apply either a tinted moisturizer or foundation that’s two shades lighter than your skin!
  5. Apply a white powder!
  6. Apply eyelid primer.


  1. Apply a white base shadow from your lashes to your browbone!
  2. Apply a white shimmery shadow to your browbone.
  3. Apply a black shadow to your lid.
  4. Apply a dark brown shadow to your outer lid.
  5. Apply a silver shadow to your crease.
  6. Line your upper and lower lashline with a black liquid liner. If you want, you can make a wing.
  7. Apply a shimmery white shadow to the inner corner of your eyes.
  8. Finish it off with mascara!


  1. Line your lips with a lip liner that matches the shade of your lip color
  2. Apply a dark red lip stain to your lips!
  3. Apply a shimmery gloss over that!


  1. Apply a matte bronzer to your cheekbones!

There you go! An Odile inspired look! Hope you like my Swan Lake themed look! Need help with finding the right products or doing the look? I will definitely help you! Stay tuned for my post on Thursday! I’ll be telling you DIY nail art looks! 





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