Cute Valentine’s Day gift and card ideas!

Hey guys! In case you haven’t noticed, we are in Valentine’s Day moods! So yet another Valentine’s Day post! Today is a post on cute card and gift ideas for everyone! Let’s get started!



  1. This card is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth. Simply attach custom-wrapped candy bars to a stamped cardstock card using adhesive dots, then add felt embellishments or tiny tags that say “I love you.” This is great for a friend, your crush or a family member!


2. This card is super cute and for someone you truly care about! Just glue some         pink/red birthday candles onto an index card! Take a red felt-tip marker and draw hearts above the candles to look like flames! Finally, take a pink felt-tip marker and write “You Light Up My Life” if you don’t have felt-tipped markers, skinny sharpies work great!


3. Rosette Heart Box: technically, this isn’t a card, but it’s so cool we had to put it in! With the new rosette die, it makes rosette making so easy! Make a rosette and glue it on a box! Next, glue a doily cut into a heart on and then a smaller red or pink paper heart on! If you want, you can make an arrow out of cardstock and glue it on! Enclose a gift or another card inside of that!


4. this Turtle card is so cute! Just take some pink construction paper and cut out a turtle shape! Take white construction paper and cut out another piece just like the shell only! Put the white on top of the pink and poke a hole in the same spot through both! Put a brass fastener in! This is optional, but put some gold glitter glue on the feet! Now, write, “you bring me out of my shell.”You’re done!


  1. Flatterbox! Write down all the reasons why you love them (crush, friend, family member) and this company will print each reason on a piece of heavy cardstock and package them all together in one pretty box! This will definitely put a smile on their face! Visit
  2. Chalkboard Heart Frames! Start with some wooden heart frames (I love these!) and spray them completely with chalkboard spray paint! Then, let it dry overnight and it’s that easy! You can insert a picture of the 2 of you in the middle, and write things on the chalkboard around the sides!
  3. Emoji Custom Bracelet! Say exactly what’s on your mind this Valentine’s Day—in a lasting way. Reminiscent of old-school friendship bracelets, these beaded and 14-karat gold-filled bracelets can be personalized with any name or phrase up to eight characters (letters, numbers, zodiac signs, and even emojis) long. Here’s the link!

  4. Super cute hearts scarf! This is a great present for a friend and is super cute! Here’s one I like!
  5. Love rocks! These are so easy and thoughtful! Just take some stones and draw a heart with colored sharpies on the flat side! That’s it! So easy!
  6. Candy Take-out box! This is so cute! Use a Valentine’s Day take-out printable (Like This one and this one!) and put them on a normal Chinese food take out box! Next, just fill with candy of your choice! So easy and cute!

There you have it! Easy and cute Valentine’s Day cards and awesome gifts! Make sure to comment below if you have any other suggestions! Need help making a card we listed? Comment below and we’ll gladly help! 


Lei + Tay 🙂 



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