What to write in Valentine’s day cards

Hey guys! Today I’m giving you some tips on what to write in Valentine’s Day cards!


For your significant other/boyfriend/girlfriend/crush:

  1. A cheesy catchphrase! Say something like “You took a pizza my heart (insert pizza pic)” or something like “I melt for you” (Insert Olaf) or maybe even a pick-up line like “I may not be a genie, but I can make your wishes come true.” This will be romantic, sweet, funny, and cheesy! I love this list!
  2. Just be plain romantic! Say something sweet like “You’re the best thing that ever happened to me” or “I love you to the moon and back” you can also put hearts everywhere! Aww, so cute! ❤ You can even make a matching homemade card! Tune in to tomorrow to find out how! 
  3. An inside joke! This is perfect if it’s just for a crush! But make sure it’s sweet!

For your best friend that you just feel like sending a card to:

  1. Make a funny joke! Like instead of signing your name, say “Love, the boyfriend you’ll never have” or something like that! But make sure it won’t hurt their feelings!
  2. Another perfect excuse to use some of those inside jokes! For example, a card could say “banana” if Banana was an inside joke to you guys! We would use “artichokes, potatoes, mushrooms, and melons galore!” Don’t even ask. 
  3. Incorporate some funny pick up lines! Your BFF will obviously know you’re joking (If they think you’re serious they are not you true BFF) for example, we could write “Are you wifi, because I feel connected to you!” just to be fun, and since it’s Valentine’s Day, you can use those cheesy pick-up lines that have been in the back of your head since you heard them back in 4th grade!

For the family member that you feel obligated to write a card to:

  1. Valentine’s Day isn’t all just about married love, you love your families too! Write them a card! You can be straight forward and say “Happy Valentine’s Day, I love you! Love, ____”
  2. MORE PICK-UP LINES! These are for a family member that would find them funny! Want a list of pick-up lines?! These always make us laugh! 
  3.  This is not a very common occasion, but say you just started dating a new person, and you haven’t told your parents. Since Valentine’s Day is the holiday of love, tell them in a card! You can say something like: P.S: I would love for you guys to meet my new boyfriend/girlfriend sometime!” This is by far the best time to say that!


There you have it! Is there anyone that isn’t on this list, and you don’t know what to write? Comment down below and we will be sure to help you choose some ideas! We would also love to know if any of these help you write your cards! Bye! xoxo -L&T


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