How to host a Galentine’s Day Party!

Hey you guys! It’s Lei! Today’s Valentine’s Week so i’m going to be giving you some tips on hosting a Galentine’s Party! Don’t know what the heck I’m talking about? Too bad! Just kidding! A Galentine’s Day Party is a party with your friends celebrating Valentine’s Day! You could do this for all the single ladies on February 13th or if you have a boyfriend, host it on February 14th! Ok here’s some ideas!


In my opinion, no party is complete without presents! Here’s some great ideas for presents for your girls!

  1. Cool match-able pins/necklaces! Tay and I have these really cute popsicle necklaces that match up to say BFF! You can get something like that or one thing I love are shareable pins! They’re super cute!
  2. Friendship bracelets. Well, duh. I love the ones where you put your own letters on them! You can put their name, “BFF”, or a short inside joke (with Tay and I, it would be something like hers says “potato gal” and mine says “artichoke gal”. Yeah, don’t even try to understand)!
  3. Fun t-shirts! They can be friendship related or just cute matching shirts! I love these:


4. Matching phone cases! They are so awesome! If you have a different hair color from           your best friend, definitely get the ones that say “every brunette…needs a blonde best            friend”


FOOD IS LIFE. On that note, here’s some fun Valentine’s Day themed snacks that you should serve.

  1. COOKIE FRIES. Ok, the two best things in the world are French fries and cookies. Mix them together and you get PURE HEAVEN. You can make them or you can order some at! It’s also really fun to make them with your friends! Here’s the recipe I use: Cookie Fries
  2. Mini heart pizzas! Pizza is SO GOOD and turning it into hearts just makes it better! These are super fun to make with friends! You can have a topping bar and everyone can put all the toppings they want on! Here’s my recipe: Mini Heart Pizzas
  3. Pink ice cream floats! I LOVE ice cream floats and pink is my favorite color! Basically, best drink in the universe. The recipe’s short so I’ll just type it. Pour your favorite pink soda over a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Top with whipped cream and a maraschino cherry!


You need the right supplies to have a party!

  1. Balloons! Without balloons, it just isn’t a party. You can find them with hearts on them, a design, or just buy pink and red ones!
  2. Cute headbands are so much better than lame old party hats! Find cute matching headbands that say things on the tap to really get the party started!
  3. Cutlery! Find heart shaped cutlery! It’ll be worth it!
  4. Streamers and confetti! This one’s kind of self-explanatory.
  5. Tableware! Get really pretty ones at
  6. Party favors! Fill up pretty bags with temporary jewelry tattoos, mini stuffed animals, and pins!

Chick Flicks:

My favorite type of movies are chick flicks! Here’s some great ones to binge-watch with your girls!

  1. Legally Blonde! BEST MOVIE EVER!
  2. Mean Girls! So funny and even though it’s really unbelievable, kind of relatable!
  3. Pitch Perfect! What’s better than romance, singing, and Fat Amy? NOTHING!
  4. Clueless! This movie involves humor, makeovers and drama! What could be better?
  5. The Princess Diaries! This is my least favorite of these, but it’s still a great movie!


Here’s some fun activities to do if you need ideas!

  1. Watch a movie! It wastes time and is fun! Choose from one of the chick flicks above!
  2. Make food!!! This is so fun to do with friends plus you get food!
  3. Have a spa! Do face masks, paint your nails and do sugar scrubs! After that, do makeovers! If your friends don’t like that type of stuff, first of all, they’re wrong. Second of all, IT’S YOUR PARTY. Partly kidding, partly not.
  4. Do truth or dare! This game can instantly turn into a gossip fest and it’s super fun! I mean come on, don’t you want to see your BFF try to flirt with your brother.
  5. Have a gossip session. Personally, I barely ever get to do these, so take advantage of the time you have! They may be a little mean, but as long as you keep them under control, it’s super fun!

There you go! How to host a Galentine’s Day Party! I hope you liked the post! Comment below if you hosted one! Make sure to tell me how it went! Xoxo-Lei 😘💜💖



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