Valentine’s Day DIYs!

Hey guys! Today we’re going to be giving you 4 Valentine’s Day DIYs! These are great for putting in your room, outside or anywhere in your house! Valentine’s Day is far away, but the early bird catches the worm! Well, you don’t want a worm. Yeah, whatever. Here’s the DIYs!

  1. Valentine’s Day Snow Globe:

Obviously, snow globes are for Christmas but they’re so pretty! They can be used for any holiday! Here’s how to make it!

  • Glue floral foam in thin brick size to the jar’s lid (found at craft stores like Michael’s. Here’s the link to one). Set aside to dry.
  • Create heart-shaped designs out of pipe cleaners. Once work is finished, stick into the foam strip.
  • Fill the jar almost to the top with water. Add glitter because come on, glitter makes everything better.
  • Attach lid to the jar; shake it up.

2. Valentine’s Day Wind Chimes

This is such a cool, cute, and easy decoration for any backyard! They are so pretty! Here’s how to make it!

  • Take some red and clear pony beads (found and Michaels) and fill them into a heart shaped silicone pan mold. (found at Michaels, or here’s the link to one! You can do some all red, some all clear, and some mixed! You can also use pink!
  • Once they are all filled, put them in the oven at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for about 25-27 minutes. There may be fumes from the melting plastic, and the melting beads will not ruin your silicone pans!
  • Once they have cooled, pop them out of the molds. They may have sharp edges.
  • Take 4 pieces of ribbon and clue the hearts vertically on them. These will then hang from your ribbon, and make them make sound when the cling together.
  • Wrap the ends of the ribbon onto a stick (about 3/4 inch thick, about 13 inches long) and secure them with hot glue!
  • To the top of the stick, add two pieces of string to hang the wind chime.

3. Valentine’s Day Heart Jars

Get in love these beautiful heart mason jars! These can be used for Valentine’s Day or year round!

  •  Stick on a few stripes of painter’s tape on one side of the jar. You can then draw any size heart on the tape using a permanent marker.
  • With a box cutter or scalpel knife, cut along the heart you drew on the tape. Then start peeling off the tape around the heart.
  •  Start spraying all over the jar with spray paint. I recommend using red or pink spray paint! After it’s fully dried, carefully peel off the taped heart.
  •  With the decorative ribbon or yarn that you’ve picked out, tie a bow around the top of the jar. It’s a nice way to add a little more texture to your project.

4. Valentine’s Day Love Bugs

These are so fun to make! Perfect if you have a child, sibling, or a baby cousin! Small children and big boys (well actually we’re girls) like us love these!

  • Basically just take a pom pom! You can get fun glittery ones at Michael’s!
  • Grab some colored pipe cleaners and make the eyes! You can make the eyes long and attached to their face with pipe cleaners, or just attach googley eyes to the pom pom!
  • Take one of those glittery heart stickers (Found at Michael’s) and put them under the pom poms so they look like feet!

There you have it! 4 awesome craft ideas! Which craft idea was your favorite? Will you try out any of them? Let us know in the comment section below! -L&T


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