Cute Valentines Day Outfits + Makeup Looks

Hey everyone! This is a little crazy to do Valentines day posts so early, but we just LOVE Valentine’s Day! So we are going to show you some cute outfits for different Valentine’s Day occasions! This will be perfect for going on a date with that special someone, or just hanging out with friends, and everything in between! So let’s get started!

Date Night! This will be perfect for when your special someone asks you out to dinner or on a different kind of date! Here’s some ideas on what to wear for clothes and makeup:


There are a few ways you could do this look:

  1. Cute crop top and skirt! This is a great idea for a more casual date! I love This Skirt  along with This Crop Top! Pair it with These Sandals! I also love This necklace!
  2. Dress! This can be casual or formal! I love this Casual Dress and this Formal Dress! Pair it with These dressy sandals and This purse!


  1. Here’s a fiery look for look #1! First apply a red lipstick! I love this one! Next, apply this eyeshadow from your lashline to your browbone as your base color! Apply this eyshadow under your browbone to highlight it. Line your eyes with this eyeliner.  Take this eyeshadow and use an eyeliner brush to apply it in a line right above the eyeliner. Finish off your eyes with this mascara! Finish off the look with this bronzer! Apply very little!
  2. Here’s an angelic look for look #2! Take a pinkish gold eyeshadow (choose rose gold) and put it all over your lids! Put a lighter pink (choose petal) in your crease! Line your eyes with this liquid eyeliner! Finally, put on this mascara! Take this lip gloss and apply it! Finish off the look by applying liquid higlighter to your cheekbones! Make sure to blend well!


Hanging out with your gal pals! Here’s an idea for outfits to wear with your special Galentines! Here are some great outfit and makeup ideas:


  1. Dress and a jacket! I love this dress with this jacket! Pair with this choker necklace and these shoes!
  2. Sweater and sweatpants! Pair this sweater and these sweatpants! Pair with these shoes! Pair with these bracelets!


  1. For both outfits, this makeup goes perfectly with them! Use an eyeshadow palette like This one! Apply a white from your lash line to brow bone, and apply a light pink on your lid! Take a rose goldish color and put it in the crease and you’re done with the eyeshadow! Take a mascara (I love This mascara!) and This eyeliner! For your face, use This palette! Take the bronzer the contour your forehead and cheekbones! Take the blush and apply it to the apples of your cheeks! Take the highlighter and apply on the tops of your cheekbones! For lips, use This lip gloss!

Going to a party! One of the most fun things to do on Valentine’s Day is going to a party! Here’s some perfect ideas for partying on Valentine’s Day:


  1. For the outfit, I like to do a party look! Wear something like This dress, with These Heels! Pair it with This purse and This necklace!
  2. For a classier and simpler look, I suggest This dress with These heels with This choker! Pair it with This bag!


  1. Take this eyshadow and apply it on your lid, crease, and on your lower lashline. Apply a lot! It is a party! Next, take this mascara and apply it! Apply this blush to the apples of your cheeks and blend up. Finally, apply this lip gloss!

There you guys go! 3 Valentine’s day occasions with 2 looks for each one! We hope this helps you choose your look! Need help finding what garment to wear, which makeup product to use, or just want us to choose a custom look for you? Comment below and say so! We would be happy to help! 






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