50 Random Facts About Lei!

Hey guys! It’s Lei! Happy TMI week! Here are 50 random facts about me, Lei! Just going to warn you, they’re really random! Hope you enjoy!

  1. I’m obsessed with Christmas lights
  2. I really like all Japanese and Chinese food (sushi, noodles, dumpling, crispy duck salad, miso soup, and hot and sour soup)
  3. I hate apples
  4. I am obsessed with the color combos pink and black and pink and teal
  5. My favorite animals are elephants and cats
  6. I really like mussels.
  7. I am obsessed with Hollister
  8.  I’m gluten free and don’t eat red meat.
  9. My favorite makeup brands are too faced, Bourjois Paris, and elf!
  10. I only wear boots (winter/early spring) and converse (fall/late spring) to school (no sneakers for me)!
  11. My favorite season is winter!
  12. I’m a jumper in ballet!
  13.  My makeup essential is eyeliner!
  14. Makeup for school: two words. Clear mascara.
  15. I never apply lip gloss before school! Only at my locker!
  16. I’m obsessed with the passion tea lemonade sweetened with raspberries at Starbucks!
  17.  I really like balsamic vinegar
  18. My favorite type of sushi is yellowtail
  19. My favorite flavor of ice cream is mint chocolate chip
  20.  My favorite desserts are any type of tart, marshmallows, and chocolate.
  21. I love the flavor mint
  22. My favorite dance in the Nutcracker is the snow dance!
  23. My favorite type of cupcake is marshmallow cream
  24. My favorite ballet is Swan Lake
  25. My favorite drink is a root beer float
  26. My favorite soda is Sprite
  27. My favorite ballet step is a grande jeté.
  28. My favorite tennis stroke is a volley
  29. I was born in NYC
  30. I put hot sauce on basically every savory food except for salad
  31. My favorite holiday is New Year’s Eve
  32. My favorite type of cat is a Persian
  33. My favorite subject is art
  34. My favorite type of movies are musicals, chick flicks, and Adam Sandler movies!
  35. My favorite actress is Aubrey Hepburn
  36. My favorite singer is Ellie Goulding
  37. My favorite fruits are passion fruits and lychees
  38. My favorite type of 2D Art is Impressionism and splatter paint
  39. I want to travel to Paris, Hawaii, and Italy
  40. I take French
  41. My favorite place I’ve been is St. Barth!
  42. I want to live in NYC when I grow up
  43. I want to be a makeup artist, ballerina (I know, it’s just a dream), or actress when I grow up
  44. My favorite accessory are leg warmers.
  45. I’ve been dancing since I was 9 and have been dancing for a few years!
  46. I have a bad habit of not studying for tests.
  47. My favorite style of dance is ballet.
  48. I can read people’s expressions well.
  49. My favorite minecraft animal is the mooshroom!
  50. My favorite movies are Mean Girls, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and Cabaret!

You made it to the end! Good job! Another random fact (sorry I just have to put this one), my favorite number is 6! I know, I know I’m an odd person! Happy TMI week!


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