Today’s Makeup Look!

Hey everyone, it’s Tay! This Wednesday, I will be doing today’s makeup look! This week I was assigned a more natural, less dramatic look and I decided to do a look for school! This is for girls who want to wear a little makeup to school. You can make this less dramatic if you prefer it like that! 

Prepping your face:

  1. Begin by washing your face. Use water, and a gentle cleanser. I like This one.
  2. Apply some moisturizer to your face. This is an important step, especially if you get dry skin like me.
  3. If you want some coverage, you can apply some tinted moisturizer instead. Also, you can apply some concealer to blemishes and under your eyes.
  4. Apply a little eyelid primer if you plan on putting on ANY eyeshadow, even if it’s just to highlight your brow bone or inner corner.


  1. Once your eyelids have been primed, you can apply A LITTLE eyeshadow. This is completely optional, but makes your eyes look more awake.
  2. For eyeshadow, take a matte cream color or white and apply it to your inner corner. Take a very light tan color and highlight your brow bone with it.
  3. Eyelashes. The trick to eyelashes for school is very important. You need to get this stuff, and quick. Clear mascara. It lengthens the lashes without making it look like you have any mascara on! THIS STUFF IS A MIRACLE. I use the Maybelline GreatLash Clear Mascara. Apply 2 coats to your top and 1 coat to your bottom.

Face and Lips:

  1. If you want to contour, take a bronzer that is MATTE AND NOT TOO DARK. Apply a small amount of this to your cheekbones with an angled contour brush and blend it A LOT.
  2. You can also use some blush. Take either a light, peachy color or a nice light pink (I like to mix the two shades together) and just apply a small amount with a powder brush until it looks soft and sweet.
  3. For your lips, start with a moisturizing lip balm or chapstick. This is a very important step if you want your lips not to be chapped!
  4. Next, apply a clear or light pink gloss on top of that to make your lips shiny.

There you have it! That is the makeup that is completely appropriate for school! I would recommend wearing this for Middle school and above. This is way too crazy for grades lower than that. You can wear the one below if you are in elementary school, though, you can also wear the look below if you just want a more natural look or you don’t need any makeup to cover up anything.

For a look that is more natural:

  1. Apply a moisturizer that is not tinted, Just the basic white cream.
  2. Next, apply some clear mascara to your eyelashes. Only do 1 coat and don’t do your bottom lashes.
  3. Apply a lip balm on top and you’re good to go! You could also still do concealer and blush if you felt you needed it.

There you go! 2 makeup looks! I hope these give you ideas on what to wear for makeup for school! If you have trouble finding what product to use or which look is right for you, leave a comment down below! I would love to help you find a product right for you or help you choose a makeup look! Also if you would like to see all of the products I use, we might make that into a post in the future!

xoxo -Tay



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