Why haven’t we been posting?!?!

Hi guys! So, In case you haven’t noticed, we didn’t post today or yesterday. We tried out best with our week posts, but our weekends we just couldn’t post. So, here are the reasons why:

  1. I (Tay) have been out of town from Friday to Saturday so I was not able to do posts obviously.
  2. MY PHONE BROKE!! Lei and I have even had a hard time talking!! My phone already had some sort of virus, and the water damaged it so much that it won’t even turn on.
  3. We are so busy! We have homework, tests, trips coming up, and so much more! The blog is a huge commitment and we try our best! We are both very busy going on trips, school, and everything in between.
  4. Sadly, we are both sick! Lei has the flu and a cold, and I have absolutely no idea what I have, but it’s so hard to write when you want to be in bed all day!

So there you have it! The real reasons why we haven’t posted. We will try to post tomorrow, and we try our best to keep up with weekend posts! We have been pretty good about writing our weekday posts, so we will try and continue with that!


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