How to study last minute!

Hey guys! It’s Lei! It’s study week and I’m going to be telling you about something that we want to avoid, but usually happens every time you have a test…or a quiz…or a reading check…or basically any assessment (as the teachers call them) at all. Tay’s tips will definitely help, but here’s what to do if you only have 1 day to study!

  1. Get to studying right away! Don’t procrastinate or just put it off, and never EVER say you know everything. You know I did that the week before winter break and you know what I got…a C-. Point taken? I hope so.
  2. Try to get someone to quiz you. If you have a study guide they can quiz you on, that’s even better! If you can’t find anyone, try to quiz yourself.
  3. If it’s history, science, or English read over the textbook/book. You’ve definitely forgotten some of those extra, not necessary facts.
  4. Make sure you’ve got the vocab down. For some reason, teachers are obsessed with putting vocab on quizzes. I think it’s some weird mental thing.
  5. Quiz your friends over text or on a phone call. It’s way more fun and by quizzing them you learn more!
  6. If your parents are really good at a subject (for example, my mom’s really good at English and my dad’s good at math), make sure to ask them for help! This especially helps with math and science.
  7. Eat sugar and drink coffee and soda! It’ll keep you energetic, and if it’s 12:00 at night, keep you awake.
  8. Ask your older siblings! They’ve probably taken the test before! Ask them what are the main things you have to know. It might be considered cheating, but if you feel bad about it, just ask them to quiz you.
  9. Make sure to get a good nights sleep! Don’t stay up until 2:00 studyingz! If you’re all red-eyed and falling asleep during the test, you won’t be able to focus.
  10. Don’t stress! It’s not a big deal if you get ONE bad grade. Your life will not end. Also, disregarding #1, make sure to say in you mind “I know everything and I will do amazing on this test” while you’re taking the test. Even if you know it’s totally not true, it’ll help you calm down!

Hope this helped you! Remember, your life is not going to end. Go and meditate if you need to.  Just remember to study next time!



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