Today’s Makeup Look

Hey everyone, it’s Tay! Again! Let me know if you like hearing from me twice a week! I love writing for you guys more often! Anyways, today’s makeup look is dramatic! I am doing an “Out on the town” look!


  1. Start by applying eyelid primer and moisturizer, and concealer if you wear it.
  2. Press a silver eyeshadow on your lid.
  3. Apply a  shimmery dark silver on your outer corner, and blend into your crease.
  4. Take a white eyeshadow and put on inner corner and brow bone.
  5. *optional* apply winged black eyeliner! It’s optional, but looks amazing!
  6. Apply your favorite mascara! I use 2 coats for longer lashes!


  1. Apply bronzer to your cheekbones!
  2. Apply highlighter to the areas where you would like to highlight! (If you don’t know where to highlight, I put a highlighting chart at the end of this post!
  3. You can apply blush if you want, but I like it without it!
  4. For lips, apply an intense deep color! (like a red or plum!)

For a more settle look:

  1. Apply blush on top of your bronzer!
  2. Instead of such a dark lip look, do a colored gloss or a pink lip stick! You can also put on clear gloss on top of the deep lips!
  3. Apply clear sparkly eyeliner instead of the black for a shimmery look!

I hope you enjoyed today’s makeup look! Comment down below if you did it! Also, I wanna know: what’s your favorite makeup brand? Comment your answers below! Thanks! xoxo -Tay

Highlighting Chart!


Photo Credit


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