How To Balance Studying With Homework

This week is study week, so I thought I would give you some tips on how to balance studying with homework! -Tay


  1. Do some Homework ahead of time. I know, we all hate it. But if you have a website that says all your homework or an assignment sheet that says homework for the whole week and you know you have a test coming up, we recommend doing some homework ahead of time. Trust me, you will be thankful that you have time to study
  2. Don’t wait until last minute to open your books. I don’t mean you have to start studying right when the teacher announces the test, but it is a good idea to start at least 2 days in advance, so you don’t have to study last minute.
  3. Remember, homework comes first. They announce big tests in advance for a reason! You don’t wanna forget homework because of studying, and that is not a good excuse for not doing your homework.
  4. Don’t Panic. Getting stressed out will make it harder to get all the work done!
  5. If all else fails and you just forget about studying because of homework, Lei is posting about how to study last minute on Thursday.
  6. Remember that tests and homework are almost equal parts of your grade. There’s no denying it. Try your best to get it all done best you can!
  7. If you have study halls or free periods at your school, take advantage of them and use them to study!


I hope these tips helped you to balance homework and studying! Remember I post every Tuesday!




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