What we keep in our lockers

Hey guys! It’s Lei and Tay! Today’s School Week, so we’ll be telling you about what we keep in our lockers! We basically have the same things, so we’ll just be writing one big list!

  1. textbooks (duh)
  2. notebooks (another duh)
  3. hand sanitizer
  4. lip balm
  5. lip gloss
  6. hair ties
  7. a mini hairbrush
  8. a magnetic mirror
  9. a whiteboard (with markers)
  10. a shelf
  11. our schedules
  12. water bottle
  13. clear mascara
  14. dance shoes (for when you’re taking dance as an art)
  15. a snack!

Thanks for reading! Hope you liked it!



2 thoughts on “What we keep in our lockers

  1. Michelle says:

    Hi! I’m starting school again on Monday, and this is so helpful! I will put all of these things in my locker! You guys are the best blog! #LovingIt


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