Lei’s New Year’s Resolutions 2016

Hey guys happy new year! This is my favorite holiday by the way! It’s been such a great year of blogging and thank all you guys so much for reading!!! Ok, here are my New Year’s resolutions that I keep for the first day and then completely ignore!

  1. Sign up for another dance class!
  2. Practice dance more and try to get on pointe in 2-3 years!!
  3. Go to sleep away dance camp with Tay!
  4. Visit Tay more!
  5. Try to start eating less gluten.
  6. Figure out why my math teacher hates me.
  7. Visit Europe!
  8. Get back into tennis!
  9. Start a jazz class!
  10. Continue blogging on Tuesday, Thursday, and the weekend!

Thanks for reading! Comment below about your resolutions! Happy new year!


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