How to prepare to go back to school :(

Hey guys…it’s Lei. Woo hoo…school week. Unhappy Lei Thursday! Well, here’s something to be happy about! It’s New Year’s Eve! YAY 2016!!! Time for a new year!!This is my favorite holiday by the way!! Guess what I’ll be writing about!? Yay, how to go back to school. It’s been fun. Ok, while I die of sorrow, you can read my tips. Don’t worry, I haven’t done them yet. You’ll be the opposite of me right now. 

  1. Give yourself a spa day! A day or two before the end of break 😦 treat yourself to a spa day! Do face masks, mani/pedi, hand scrub, foot scrub, and LOTIONS GALORE!!! Try on makeup and do your hair! WEAR THE FUZZIEST CLOTHES YOU CAN FIND! This will be extra fun with some friends!!!
  2. Think of good things about school…yes, there are some. You’ll get to see all your friends again and take you arts classes!
  3. Make sure you’ve done all your assigned homework. Don’t leave to the last minute either. That will make the last few days even worse.
  4. Ok, this is the one I cry about. Try…just try to get up a little bit earlier. Just a little bit every day will help. Just think, 10 minutes earlier. It will help. Trust me. I’m not a morning person.
  5. Do something active. I’m a dancer. Exercise makes me feel better. Even if your not a sport or dance person, exercise will help! I LOVE running on a treadmill! Also, going for a walk (on the beach is the best!) or dancing is great too! When you go to (oh god no) the dreaded PE, you’ll be more in shape and not just a potato.

How to survive the first day:

  1. Set an alarm for 20 minutes earlier than usual on a school day. We all know it takes 30 minutes to even open our eyes.
  2. Eat a big breakfast so you don’t get hungry during the school day! Also, it’ll give you more energy!
  3. Wear cozy clothes. Whether you have uniforms or not, wear the coziest and comfiest clothes you have!
  4. Bring a tea bottle (you know those water bottles made for tea) and fill it up with hot lemon and honey water. It tastes great and wakes you up!
  5. Splash your face with water/go outside. The cold will wake you up. Also, fresh air and the little sunlight that’s there helps!
  6. Pay attention in class. Here’s a trick: bring some candy in your bag. When you feel yourself spacing out think, “No candy if I space out.”
  7. Make sure to let your friends know how your feeling! If they’re morning people, they may be offended that you’re not talking to them!
  8. Don’t dwell on break. It’ll make you cry. Seriously 😦
  9. Try to have fun! Talk to your friends, have fun in your art classes, and just think in math class, this will be over in 20 minutes.
  10. When you get home, get all your homework and studying done and RELAX. Take a nap, binge out, text your friends, or watch TV. Only do this AFTER everything is done!

That’s the end of it. Hope you enjoyed. Bye. Have fun going back to school. I sure won’t…;( But seriously hope this helped! 


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