Today’s Makeup Look: Nutcracker Themed!

Hey everyone! This is today’s makeup look! So I love the Nutcracker ballet, and I love the makeup they wear! So this is a makeup look inspired by Clara, the main character in the Nutcracker! Since she’s a little girl, she doesn’t wear much makeup, this is just inspired by her! 

  1. Start by washing your face. Then, put on concealer if you wear it. Since it’s winter time, I like to put on white moisturizer to make my skin not dry, and so I look more pale. I also prime my eyelids with eyelid primer.
  2. Next, take a cream colored eyeshadow and apply as your base. Take a white and highlight your brow bone and the inner corner of your eyes. Next take a light pale pink (like super super super light pink) and put this into your outer corner and blend into your crease. Then, press a shimmery white on top.
  3. Then, take either a shimmery white liquid eyeliner or a light gold or shimmery cream eyeliner pencil and just apply on your top lash line!(The eyeliner is optional, but it really makes the eyes pop!)Finally just apply mascara!
  4. For face, Clara is pretty pale, so you want to apply either a little white eyeshadow or some translucent/white powder to your face (again, this is completely optional!) You can also add some light pink blush like I did!
  5. Finally, for lips, just apply a shimmery light pink lip gloss or a clear lip gloss! You can also do a light pink lipstick with a clear gloss on top for a more dramatic lip look!

Now you hopefully look like Clara! Just get a Nutcracker and a light pink nightgown and you are good to go! 


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