How To Survive School

Hey guys, Happy School Week! Actually, Unhappy School Week! School, the best subject in the whole wide world to write a blog post about! I hope we are all in the school spirit after this, yay! Woo Hoo. Anyways It’s Tay Tuesday, so today I’m going to tell you how to survive school!  We all hate it, but here’s how to get through it. There are so many problems with school these days: teachers, social life, schoolwork, LOSING SLEEP, pop quizzes, and so much more. 

  • Actually doing work. The worst part of school. Here are some tips to get it all done and to get better grades  on your assignments!
    1. Homework. DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!! As fun as procrastinating and watching TV sounds, you have to get it done if you want to get a good grade.
    2. Extra credit. But it sounds like so much work! DO IT. JUST DO IT. You will thank yourself later when your report card goes from a B to an A because you did your extra credit assignments!
    3. Tests. Studying is never fun, but you know you have to if you want good grades. You will never survive school if you have all F’s and D’s! Wether it’s a small test, or your final exams, you still have to study for all of them!
    4. In-Class work. We all hate doing work in class! We all have that one teacher that wants to do textbook pages that are meant for homework IN CLASS. Just think of it like this: you will never have to do that assignment for homework, and it was written to be homework! Yay, one less homework assignment! Well, not exactly. But that will help you get it all done!
    5. Absences. We all get sick during the school year. It’s normal. But you don’t want to get behind! Missing lots of school and not making up work can easily lower your grade, and your participation grade. If you happen to miss a few days, be sure to talk to all of your teachers about how you can make up assignments! 
  • Being social. We all know it’s hard to be social while you’re rushing to class on the other side of the campus when you have 2 minutes before class starts, so here are some tips to stay social.
    1. Lunch. Lunch is a great time to socialize! Use those 30 minutes each day to hang out with friends, eat snacks, and catch up! This is a great opportunity to hang out with the friends you don’t have any classes with!
    2. In class. As tempting as it is to talk to your best friend across from you in class, don’t do it. You will always get caught. My advice is when you’re rushing to class, and see a friend that’s in your class, you guys can walk together and talk. You can also talk after class.
    3. Being late. “Oh sorry Ms. Michelle, my friend Stella was talking to me outside, sorry I was late!” Yeah, not a good excuse. You will be marked tardy. Don’t let socializing make you late for your classes!
    4. Weirdos. They may follow you around. They may say weird things to you! They may choose you for partners in class while your best friend struggles to find a different partner because you guys already called it. It’s easier than it seems. Just tell them nicely “Oh, sorry, Stella and I were already partners.” you can also tell them, if they try to talk to you, “I’m late for class, bye!” also, if they follow you around, ask one of your friends to say “Are you following her?” and hopefully they will stop!
    5. Mean Girls. Some schools have them, some schools don’t. But if your school does, remember never to say anything mean about them, and don’t let them bring you down *insert Christina Aguilera music.*
  • Waking up and staying up. We all know that the struggle is real to wake up and even stay up in class, so I’m gonna tell you how to make it easier.
  1. Start by setting an alarm, but be very careful with what your alarm tone is. Relaxing sounds will make you sleep more, and setting it to one of your favorite songs will make you hate that song forever. Trust me. I recommened setting an annoying song as your alarm tone.
  2. Once you have an annoying tone set, set your phone on a table or on the floor far from your bed. That way, you want to get up to turn it off. 
  3. Also if you set the alarm on your phone, as much as it hurts, turn snooze off. At the bottom while creating an alarm there is an option to turn the snooze off, and that is highly recommened.
  4. To stay awake during the day, splash your face with cold water once you wake up. You can also take a shower in the morning to wake you up. 
  5. If you have time in the morning, step outside on a balcony of in your backyard and just enjoy life. Depending on how early school starts, you might even see the sunrise! I know I see it every morning. 
  6. Pack yourself some cold water with fruit in it. I love to do this thing where I take an ice cube tray, fill it with water, and add some fresh Raspberries and Blueberries in it. That way, when I freeze it, I will have berry ice! I add this to my water bottle and it keeps me awake You can also make lemon water by taking ice water and adding some lemon slices. Take your drink to class with you, and it will help keep you energized! 
  7. When you wake up, do something to make you feel energized! I like to set my alarm about 20 minutes early, and I wake up and do some stretching for dance! It maked me feel more awake during the day. You could ride a tredmill for about 8 minutes, jump on a trampoline, take a jog, do yoga, or stretch! If you are well exercised, you are less likely to doze off in class. 
  8. To keep yourself awake during the day, I recommend bringing small snacks in your bag to eat in between classes. But don’t being things like chocolate and candy. I bring granola bars, fruit, or something healthy to make you feel more awake. If you are not hungry, you will be happier.
  9. Don’t wear comfortable clothes! They will make you feel tired. If you look good and professional, you will feel more awake. For example, don’t wear sweatpants and a hoodie. As comfortable as that sounds, you’re better off wearing a cute top and a skirt! If your school has uniforms like mine, you don’t have to worry about this! Also, same goes with shoes. Wear some cute combat boots instead of socks and slippers. 
  10. Make your appearance good! This is kind of like number 9, but makeup and hair will make you feel so put together and awake! Wear your hair in a fishtail braid instead of a messy bun! Also wearing makeup will make you look less tired! If you want some makeup to look super awake, apply concealer under your eyes to cover dark circles, because lack of sleep is one of the causes of dark circles. Also apply a little white eyeshadow on your inner corner to make your eyes look awake!
  • Pop quizzes. Pop quizzes are the worst! Maybe it’s a subject you don’t know very well, or maybe it’s on a book chapter that you didn’t read! Here’s how to survive them.
  1. The first thing you need to know is you need to stay calm. It’s just a quiz! It’s not your final exams or anything.
  2. Convince yourself that you studied. It seems harder then it actually is. Just tell yourself “I studied so hard for this quiz, it’s gonna be so easy” That will really help!
  3. remember that they don’t affect your grade very much! It’s the big tests that count, so remember to study for those!
  4. It probably won’t be that hard. Remember, teachers wouldn’t make it a suprise quiz if it is something you need to study for.
  5. Just always be prepared! If there is something you don’t understand and you just blow it off and say “Oh well, it’s not likee there will be a test on this or anything,” there will almost always be a pop quiz on it! You have to ask a parent or techer if there is a concept you don’t understand. Teachers give pop quizzes because they want to make sure that you understand the concept, not just because they are mean!

    I hope my tips make school a little easier! If you want to talk about surviving school, or if you have more tips for me, please leave them in the comments! ~Tay

    PS: Wanna know how to prepare to go back to school after winter break? Stay tuned to Lei Thursday when she tells you how to prepare to start school again!


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