Christmas bedroom decorating ideas + how to keep cozy in the winter!

OMG, OMG, OMG IT’S CHRISTMAS!!!! YAY!!!!!!! Well, actually Christmas Eve…but family celebrates on Christmas Eve! IT’S PRESENTS TIME!! Sorry, I tend to get passionate. Let me start over! Hey everybody! Happy Lei Thursday! It’s winter week and since we all know life can get boring without decorations, here are some awesome tips for decorating your room. Also, at the end of the article, I’ll be giving you some tips on how to stay cozy when it’s snowing outside!


Something that adds a little bit of holiday flair with no time and very little money put in is a Christmas colored candle! Get a red or green (or both!) colored candle and place it on your night table. For extra holiday power, get a holiday-scented one (we love the ones at Bath and Body Works)!

2.Snowy mountains:

As people who live in hot places especially know, it can get a little boring since it doesn’t snow. To spice (or I guess un-spice…oh you know what I mean) up your bedroom, cut out long, mountain like triangles from a foam-core board and lean them against the window. Then hot glue white pompoms onto fishing line and tape onto the window. Now you’ll finally feel like you’re in 50 below heat when you actually are blasting the air conditioner! And if you actually are in 50 below, you’re friends will be like, oh I didn’t know you lived near a mountain. Yeah….I’m so funny…ok but at least the decoration was good!

3. Keep calm and jingle on sign:

So all you’re going to do is take a cardboard sign and paint it completely white with paint. Then lightly write the word keep calm and jingle on on the sign. Paint over the letters with red. Then, take some small lightbulb ornaments and paint them red and green. Take some clothes pins and put a string on the sign.glue the ornaments to the string and you’re good to go! This looks great on a bureau, shelf, or just hanging on the wall!

4. DIY snow globe:

Here’s how to make a relatively easy snow globe!! It looks great on desks, shelves, and night tables!! Take a the lid of a mason jar and hot glue some little statuette trees on it. You can also add little houses or whatever you want! Look up Christmas snow globes for some ideas of what to glue down! Fill up the actual mason jar with distilled water. Then, add fake snow and A LOT of white glitter. The more you add, the more it will look like a snow globe. Put the cap with the glued down statues and secure it on tight. Flip it upside down and there you go, a snow globe!

5. North Pole street lamp:

This is a really creative one! I would put it on your desk or by your door. Take a foam circle (you can find them at Michael’s) and make a hole in it with some scissors. Cover it completely in Mod Podge and cover it with fake snow and lots of sparkles (because we all know sparkles make everything better)! Take a Christmas sort of light lamp and glue it into the hole. Write North Pole on a piece of paper with a hole in it (it looks pretty if the paper is decorative). Take two Popsicle sticks and paint them red. Glue one of them to the side of of the light and the other sticking off of that one. Put a chain through the paper and glue the chain to the sticking out stick. Purdy huh! Ok, that was just plain weird.

6. Branches in a vase:

Take some fake branches from Michael’s and paint them silver. Put them in a pretty vase. You’re done! Wasn’t that easy? Now put them everywhere!!

7. Lights:

HANG THEM EVERYWHERE! HANG RAINBOW AND WHITE AND PEPPER AND ICICLE AND PINK AND BLUE AND…oh sorry you don’t know about my obsession with Christmas lights! Well now u do! Here’s what I just said in normal people language. Christmas lights add a pretty glow of winter! String them above your windows and bed!

8. Countdown til Christmas:

Take a cardboard sign and paint it completely white. Draw a big circle on the left side of the sign lightly in pencil. Then, write in fancy lettering, “Days ‘Til Christmas”. Decorate the sign however you want. You can draw circles, hearts, Christmas trees, or snowmen. Paint over “Days ‘Til” with black paint and paint over “Christmas” with red paint. Color in your decorations with paint. Paint in the circle with black chalkboard paint. Then, you can write how many days until Christmas with chalk! It’s also a great way to make sure you have everything done in time!

9. Mini Christmas tree, ornaments, stockings, and festive pillows:

Ok these are kind of self explanatory. Put the mini Christmas trees wherever you want, hang the ornaments and stockings wherever you can, and replace your old pillows with festive ones! You now live in the North Pole. Congratulations!

10. DIY Wreath:

Get a circular base that looks like a wreath (found at Michael’s). Glue on different colored ornaments until it’s completely covered. It looks better if they’re different sizes and colors.On the back glue on a small a string in a way that will let it hang on a hook. Now do precisely that! Woo hoo! You have a wreath!

Now that your room is ready to go, here’s some tips on how to stay cozy in the cold weather!

  1. GET FUZZY BLANKETS!! It will make you feel so cozy!
  2. Have hot chocolate and coffee! It will make you feel so warm!
  3. Exercise! It will make you get burning and it’s good for you. If you’re a dancer, this a perfect opportunity to stretch and practice!
  4. Wear slippers and fuzzy socks!! If your feet are warm, you’ll get warm.
  5. Listen to music! Music just makes anything better. Seriously.

There you go! Enjoy your new and improved room while sipping hot chocolate! Also, sorry how it was posted on Wednesday. I don’t know how that happened.


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