What to do over Winter Break!

Hey everyone! So in honor of winter break, we wanted to tell you what to do when you’re bored! If you’re not going anywhere (like Tay) or if you’re going away (like Lei) you will need these ideas most likely!

  1. Use your holiday gifts! This one’s for after the holidays, on that last day of break!
  2. Exercise! Run on a treadmill, exercise bike, take a walk, or even stretch!
  3. Bake something holiday themed! As easy as cookies out of a package, or as complex as red velvet peppermint bark from scratch!
  4. Listen to holiday music! It will really get you in the mood. Also you can sing your heart out and dance like nobody’s watching!
  5. Watch YouTube videos, Skype your friends, and go on blogs (like ours) and Pinterest/Instagram/Social media! Basically do anything on your phone or laptop. Also you could play games on your phone or computer!
  6. Read a book/magazine! It helps the time go by.
  7. See a friend! 2 weeks without seeing anybody kind of sucks.
  8. Do DIYs! They’re super fun and time consuming! We have a lot of posts about DIYs on our blog!
  10. Do makeup! It’s so fun!

Thanks for reading! Hope your not bored anymore! Happy Winter Break!



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