How to write a wish list!

OMG YAY YAY YAY!!! It’s Winter Break! Ok, sorry I tend to get passionate. Let me start over…Hey guys, it’s Wishes Week! You all saw our personal wish lists so we hope that helped you with some ideas, but here are the deets (yeah I know weird word) on how to write one! Enjoy!

  1. More is better than less. Look, we’ve all heard the expression “less is more”. Yeah…they were wrong. When you’re making a wish list, WRITE DOWN EVERYTHING YOU COULD POSSIBLY ASK FOR. Don’t just ask for a laptop, ask for 50 lip glosses too. Don’t just ask for a hoverboard, ask for a bean bag too! Get the idea?
  2. Because of #1, make sure you bold/star/highlight/you get the idea the things you really want. If you really wanted the laptop, but instead your parents got you the lip glosses, well that wouldn’t be good!
  3. Have fun with it! Don’t just make this some stupid, boring but necessary process, make it fun! Make it colorful, different fonts, and/or do it with a friend!
  4. Do it with a friend! First of all, it’ll be more fun! Also, you can get ideas off one another! That’s what we did with each other!
  5. Ask your parents! Ask your parents if they remember anything you wanted earlier in the year. You’ll be happy you did!

Pro tip: Get a notebook and whenever you think of something you want, write it down! Now you won’t have to do #5! You’ll have everything in your trusty notebook! Another way is to record it on the Notes app on your phone. But come on, don’t you want to whip out your composition notebook!?

Thanks for reading! I know it’s short but we didn’t have much time! Hope this helped! WOO HOO WINTER BREAK!!!!!!!



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