Lei’s Wishlist 2015

Hey everyone! Happy Lei Thursday! The holiday’s are coming up and wish lists are really important if you don’t want a Barbie dream house! Here’s mine so you can get some ideas! Hope u like it!

Christmas Wish List:


Sigma Travel kit brushes

Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede Lipstick, “Front Row”

Revlon Colorstay lip stuff in general

Buxom full on lip polish set “pink with envy”

Mighty mimosa chubby stick by clinique

Too Faced Candy Glow Blush

Nars Blush Bronzer Duo (Laguna/orgasm *inappropriate name*)

Modernist Hourclass Eyeshadow(Monochrome)

Setting Spray

Urban Decay Naked 1 and 2 palettes

Baby Lips (*pink punch*, *cherry kiss*, *crystal kiss*, beam of blush, pink quartz, gleaming coral. Starred ones are my favorites)

Revlon lip glosses

Maybelline precise black eyeliner

Urban Decay Primer Potion

maybelline turquoise, pink, blue, and purple eyeliner crayons

Too Faced eyeshadow: *natural matte*, *sugar pop*, *cat eyes*, rock n roll, return of sexy (the starred ones are my favorite. Get like 2-3.)

Too faced lip insurance lip primer

Lush stuff (lip scrub, the thing I gave taylor, body butter)

Bath and body works stuff (BODY WASH, hand cream, candles, body lotion)


Lip lava pink colors

Maybelline rocket volume express mascara


Mac laptop (only one I really want)

Apple watch (put it on just for the fun of it)


Thera band (on amazon it’s TheraBand Latex-Free Resistance Bands yellow/red/green)

Ballet Is Fun TurnBoard® – Blue

Balance disc (sometimes called wobble cushions. Just look up balance disc on amazon and you’ll find them)

Ballet foot stretch (elastic. Kind of expensive) here’s the link: http://www.footstretch.com/en/how-to-order/9-footlastics.html

Warm up boots




Giant gummy bear (pineapple)

UGGS (chocolate, chestnut, or sand. classic short or classic tall. Under women’s sizes)

John lennon sunglasses

Fringy bags

Dry shampoo



Baggy pants/sweatpants

Fringy stuff


Lace shorts




Infinity scarves


OK, OK. I get it! I wrote a lot! I can’t believe you made it to here! But still, hope you got some good ideas! If you want the actual document, I will link below. Wish List




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