What to do on a Plane When You Get Bored

Hi everybody! Today we’ll be telling you what to do when you get bored on a plane! Want to know what to bring on planes? Check out our last two posts! Ok, here we go!

  1. Watch a movie or a TV show on your personal device or the airplane TV screen! Time flies when you’re watching a movie or a TV show!
  2. Read a book or a magazine! If you start feeling sick, stop IMMEDIATELY!
  3. Play a game on your phone or laptop (Minecraft, Splashy Fish, Tapped Out, Crossy Road)
  4. If your a dancer, you can do small exercises! Practice tendus, pointing  and flexing your toes, and rolling your ankles!
  5. Pamper yourself! Put on makeup, face cream, spray yourself with toner, put lotion on, perfume, and anything else! (see our beauty essentials to know what to bring!)
  6. Walk around! It is good for your blood circulation, and it will get your body warm! (we recommend doing it before your dance exercises if you are a dancer!)
  7. Sleep! Bring an eye mask and ear plugs so you can fall asleep easier! It’s hard to do but  it’s definitely worth it!
  8. EAT FOOD! When you’re eating food, it won’t be as boring! Bring your own stuff (better idea) or order through the menu (not a good idea).
  9. Draw/doodle! Doodling is a better idea! It will make time go faster just like in math class! Make sure to bring a pen/pencil/markers and a notepad!
  10. Do games! Do games like hangman and cards with your parents or friends! If you’re alone, you can do solitaire or bounce a tennis ball! Again make sure to bring cards, a notepad and a pen/pencil, and if you want, a tennis ball!

Comment bellow if you have anything that we forgot! Check out our other posts for Travel Week: “In-Flight Essentials” and “In-Flight Beauty Essentials” to know what to bring on planes!


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