In-Flight Beauty Essentials

Hey guys! It’s Lei! As you know, winter break is coming up and lots of us are travelling (including me)! Tay’s already posted the in-flight essentials you need, but if you’re a girly girl like us, you’ll need some in-flight beauty essentials! Here’s the things you’ll want to have.

  1. lip balm (IMPORTANT…your lips get really chapped in high altitudes! You’ll want an eos for after you get off the plane and a stronger lip balm like Aquaphor for when you’re actually flying).
  2. hand/body lotion (your hands and elbows can get really dry)
  3. Perfume (in case you get gross smelling from the plane)
  4. hand sanitizer (one of the squeeze bottles for your hands and one spray bottle to spray the TVs and arm rests. You don’t want to get sick!)
  5. lip gloss (you want to look good when you get out of the plane!) Helpful tip: put on some lip gloss and a little bit of blush, mascara, and tinted moisturizer 15-20 minutes before the plane lands. You’ll look great when you step off!)
  6. blush
  7. mascara
  8. tinted moisturizer (if you wear that)
  9. Refreshing face wipes (put them on in the middle of the flight when you’re feeling kind of sick to make you feel better and more refreshed. Also, put one on before your makeup to get rid of dirt in your pores. Pick a scent like grapefruit or orange.
  10. Eye mask (if you have a late flight and want to sleep.)
  11. hair ties (hair can feel annoying on your back)
  12. facial water spray by Evian  (it’ll replenish much-needed moisture in your face)
  13. infinity scarf (it’ll hide your face and it’ll make you look better!)
  14. deodorant (we all know we need it)
  15. compact mirror (to apply your makeup and the bathrooms are really gross so…)
  16. those little toothpick thingies for braces (if you eat food you’re going to want them)
  17. small makeup brushes (to apply makeup duh)
  18. fuzzy socks with shea butter/aloe vera (I love the ones from Bath and Body Works! They’ll make you’re feet feel much better. When you get up to go around though put back on your shoes)
  19. roll on perfumes (try to get the travel themed ones. I have one set that has one for sleeping, one for energy, and one for travel! They really work and make you less nauseous)
  20. hair brush (your hair will probably get very tangled)

my in flight beauty essentials

Hope this helped! Have any in-flight beauty essentials that I forgot about? Comment below! 




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