In-Flight Essentials!

In-Flight Essentialstravel-mini-series-my-inflight-travel-essentials

Hey guys, happy Travel Week! Today I will be telling you about my favorite In-flight essentials! I am not including beauty essentials, but Lei is doing that on Thursday! xoxo -Tay

My In-Flight Essentials:

  1. Electronics! I like to keep my phone, and an iPad. I also like to download movies, books, and TV shows on my electronics so I can entertain myself.
  2. Food! I like to bring things such as candy, chips, and other snacks that don’t need to be cold! I bring snacks and food because the airplane food isn’t very good. I also sometimes get Starbucks or Subway and bring it on!
  3. Sweatshirts! Bringing something warm is great because layers are key on an airplane. I always bring a cozy sweatshirt, fuzzy socks, and sweatpants to keep myself warm!
  4. Pillow! Bringing either an inflatable pillow, a soft foldable pillow, or a travel neck pillow can help you get comfortable!
  5. Headphones! Wearing headphones will drown out the sound of that screaming baby next to you, and you can also listen to music! I also recommend bringing ear plugs so you can sleep!
  6. Fun things to do! Bring games and stuff such as a good book, paper and pen, a deck of cards, etc.!
  7. I recommend bringing items such as Ricola drops, mints (I like Tic Tacs and Icebreakers.)  I also have gum. Minty gum/minty mints can stop you from getting air sick, and sweet/sour gum just helps when your ears are popping at the end.
  8. Stress ball! Getting stressed on planes is common and it’s good to have a stress ball to relieve it!
  9. Sunglasses! Sometimes the sun on planes can be blinding, so you’ll need them!
  10. A fun magazine! We love TeenVogue, Seventeen, Allure, and (even though it’s corny) QuizFest! These you will keep you entertained right before you land and right when you take off!


Know of any In-flight essentials I forgot about? Let me know in the “contact us” page!


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