Embarrassing Dance Stories

Hey everybody! Happy “Fun Friday!” We all have those moments when it’s just like “uhhhhh.” In honor of Dance Week, Here are our most funny, weird, and downright mortifying stories! Let’s get started! 


  1. So in a dance, we were supposed to shake our hips (I was 8). But, since I was really bad at the time, I just kind of swayed. When I saw the recording, I was so embarrassed I didn’t go for 1 month.
  2. So we were supposed to do plies, but I thought she said tendus. So I was facing away from the mirror and in the front. I was literally doing tendus the entire time and didn’t notice! Finally, a girl behind me told me and I was like “uhhhh.” I was so embarrassed + it was the first day back from Christmas break!
  3.  So I was in the Nutcracker and I was in the party scene. We were all supposed to gather around you know the dancing doll. But for some reason, I forgot and thought it was a full circle. I literally went right in front of the doll and no one could see her. Finally, some girl pulled me back and when it was done I ran off so fast almost crying but laughing!
  4. So it was the flowers. I was one of the background girls. You know how they have the arbors and they’re really heavy. Well, my partner had a quick change and missed the thing! I had to run on stage almost falling over with this gigantic arbor and try to do the moves! She finally came on and it was all good but still everybody could tell.


  1. So when I was like 2 or 3 years old, I was in a dance called “Daddy’s Little Girl,” and it is exactly what it sounds like. Super embarrassing but SO ADORABLE! All the dads got onstage and danced with the ballerinas! Anyways, back to the story. So after the recital we went to a restaurant with my friends who were also in the dance, and we sat down. I ordered, and I was so nervous after the recital that I just threw up. Over everything. Well that’s my story!
  2. On my first day of Lyrical, I showed up in a leotard and tights. When I walked in, everyone was in black dance shorts and t-shirts. I was so embarrassed!
  3. This is the reason I quit ballet when I was 7. So basically my teacher kept calling me by another name. My friends in class didn’t correct her, and I was too shy to correct her. So, I told my mom I hated dance and dance sucked, and she let me quit. Believe me, WORST. DECISION. EVER. Nowadays I regret it, because I have to start all over again.
  4. On my first day of Lyrical, we started the class off by stretching. It was my first time dancing and stretching in like 5 years, so I was a little rusty. Or a lot. All the other girls were so much better than me. They could all do splits, do butterfly all the way down, and even touch their toes!(I can do most of that stuff now.) I was embarrassed because they all were looking at me. Also the same thing happened in Ballet at my first class when we did work at the barre, and my plies and tendus were awful! Also when I put my leg on the barre, my whole body was hoisted up because I couldn’t bend my leg. Even worse, they record the classes and play them live on the TVs outside in the waiting room, so my mom and everybody else watched me fail.

Do you have any embarrassing dance stories!? Comment below and tell us! Thanks for reading! Happy Dance Week and “Fun Friday”!




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