How to stretch for ballet!

Hey everybody, it’s Lei! This is one post that I know I would’ve loved to read! So here are my stretches for ballet to get your splits, improve your turnout, help with your penche, and basically everything in ballet! Do each stretch on each side for at least 25 seconds. 

  1. Warm up! YOU MUST DO THIS STEP! Otherwise, you won’t get better, you’ll just pull all your muscles. I recommend doing a ballet class, running (either on a treadmill or not), or jumping on a trampoline for 8 minutes.
  2. Do a couple of neck circles and roll your shoulders back and forward. Stretch over to each side.
  3. TowelStretch


Do this without with the strap. Push against your hands and then release. Do this 3-4 times. Your leg should go more back. Make sure your hips are squared when you do this stretch. Drop your leg and twist over to the other side. Now do the other side.

4.   half-lotus

Now do half lotus pose to open up your hips. Bend forward but DO NOT ROUND YOUR BACK. That does literally nothing. If your top leg isn’t completely down, let it drop before bending forward. Repeat on the other side.

5.images (4)

Do this stretch to stretch out your inner thighs. Try to get your legs to drop all the way to the floor. This may be very hard and probably impossible if you’re not flexible.

6. toe_touch1

Next do the touch your toes stretch while sitting down. Make sure your legs stay turned in (this is the only time I will say that) because otherwise you won’t get a good stretch. The picture shows you where you will be as a beginner and as a a really flexible person. You may be somewhere in the middle.

7. 30sit_spinal_twist5.jpg

Now do a spinal twist to stretch your outer hips and spine. Do on both sides.

8. Hip-Flexor-Stretches.jpg

Do this to help with your hip flexors. Make sure to keep your knee over your toes. Try to get your back leg as straight as it can eb without going forwards or backwards. You can do this with your hands on the floor or on your knee. Only do one side. Now go back into this stretch…

download (1)

Try to let your hips drop. This may be excruciatingly painful. DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT DO THIS WITH COLD MUSCLES. YOU WILL GET SO HURT. Now that I’ve scared you to death do this…


Get in this position and bend forward over your front leg. If you’re a ballerina, turn out your front leg. Otherwise, you can do it turned in. Make sure your front foot is flexed. Don’t round your back. That does nothing. Again, only do it on this one side.

9. Now, slide out into your splits! If you are really high up, I recommend putting a yoga block under your butt so you can relax into the stretch. As you get further down, you can use a pillow or a towel. Then, one day, you’ll be in it. Remember to push it, but don’t overdo it! At first, turn in. Once you get far enough down, turn out. Remember to point your feet! Also, try to keep your hips and squared and your body facing forward. Slowly get out of it!


10. Now do the other side.

11. Now touch your toes.

Woman In Gym Clothes Bending To Touch Toes

12. And go into downward dog

download (10).jpg

13. Now you can do your penches, extensions/leg holds, and grand jetes!

BalletSpotlight             Leghold


Grande Jete

Woo hoo!! You’re the most flexible person around! Wait…what about your strength…We’ll have to make a post about that too!! Happy Dance Week!





















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