How to Start Ballet Late

Hey guys, it’s Tay! Happy Dance week! Today I will be telling you about how to start ballet late. Just a reminder, I post every Tuesday now! Anyways, here are 10 tips for starting ballet late! It’s not easy, but we all power through it! 

First, I will tell you It’s gonna be hard to get on pointe. Lei’s not there yet, and I’m not even close! Don’t get discouraged, just keep trying! If you want to get on top of the class, follow these tips.

Also, it is important to know that it is almost impossible to be professional. People have started at age 13 and dance professionally in small ballet companies, but to get there you will have to go 5 days a week, take privates, and basically not focus on school.

I recommend stretching as much as you possibly can. Stretching every day will help your flexibility, and it will help you in ballet class. Read about how to in Lei’s post on Thursday!

Also I recommend practicing at home. Find something to use as a ballet bar (make sure it’s a similar height to a real ballet bar) and do some ballet. Some of the things I practice are tendus, plies, kicks, splits, and other exercises you may do in ballet class.

Try your best to get in more than 1 ballet class. Some classes meet multiple times a week, but you can also just join at least 2. Joining more classes will help refresh your skills and to practice throughout the week.

Join other dance classes! Doing other classes such as lyrical, contemporary, jazz, acro, leaps and turns, technique, and even hip hop can help you with ballet! They will stretch your muscles and you can get more flexible and better at ballet steps.

Ask for a private. Don’t be embarrassed to ask for a private lesson if you feel you’re falling behind! You can ask a more experienced dancer, an older dancer, or even your teacher can give you a private lesson. Also if you really need extra practice, you may be asked to join another class on a lower level in addition to the one you’re in.

If you think your teacher doesn’t like you for some reason, whether it’s because you aren’t skilled for your age, or you always ask questions, you should always try and get on her good side. Come prepared for class in ballet slippers, tights, and a leotard. Also, please please wear your hair in a bun, or you most likely will get on your ballet teacher’s bad side.

I recommend doing another activity to keep your body healthy when you’re not in the studio. You can play a sport, such as tennis, do yoga, or even join a class like pilates or hip hop!

Finally, Don’t be discouraged if you are the worst in your class. Just know that a lot of us are in your place. Just try your best and make sure to follow these tips to be successful in late starting ballet! Thanks! -Tay


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