How to accept and avoid a gift you don’t like

We all have one of those people who just doesn’t get that you don’t like Barbies anymore. Here’s our tips on how to avoid and accept those types of gifts!!

  1. Write a wish list! This is the most obvious one but it seems like a lot of people are too lazy to do it! And those are the people who are like, “What!? I don’t even like Pokemon.” Their grandparents don’t know that! WHY? Because they don’t have a list of stuff you actually like! This is probably the most effective tip. Take it from us. Last year Lei didn’t write one. The results weren’t pretty.
  2. Inform them about past mistakes. Let’s say, you got a really ugly sweater last year. Tell them politely, “Yo yo yo! This ain’t ‘cuttin it!” Yeah, no. Say something like, “I really love the sweater you gave me last year! Though, I have SO MANY sweaters. Maybe you could get me a laptop instead?” *wink wink* *nudge nudge*. Killing two birds with one stone! I have literally never said that before in my life. I didn’t even know I knew that expression. Well then.
  3. Tell them about your CURRENT hobbies. Maybe you played soccer 3 years ago, but now you would rather die then pick up a soccer ball. Let them know that, so they don’t get you new soccer cleats!
  4. Let’s say your a girly girl and you love makeup. But you have a tomboy friend who takes tae kwon do. They think you like the things they like. Therefore, they keep giving you ugly long shorts. What do you do? Hint that you like the thought, but hint that you love makeup. For example, you say “Oh My god, did you see that new lipgloss Revlon made? I want it so bad!” Then, she will hopefully think you want whatever you want.
  5. Discuss stores you really want things from. For example, tell them “OMG. All I want for for Christmas is gift cards to Forever 21, Lush, Bath and Body works, Nordstrom, and Sephora.” Then they would hint that you like those stores and like their products.

Now we’re moving on to what happens if these tips DON’T work! Here’s how to accept a gift you really don’t like.

  1. Don’t immediately decide that you hate it. You may see a shirt that looks like it came from the trash. Though, it ends up being the most comfortable thing in the world! Woo hoo, now you have pajamas!
  2. When they give you the gift, at least pretend that you’ll consider it. For example, don’t say, “Eww…where’d you get this, a dump?” That’ll just end with your grandma saying, “That took me 1 month to make!” Instead, say,”This looks nice! I’ll have to try it on later!”
  3. When you try it on (if it’s clothes) say,”It feels pretty small.” Family members HATE THAT. Literally, when you drop the words small or tight, they immediately say, “IT’S REFUND TIME.”
  4. Also, if it’s clothes don’t immediately rip off the tag if you think it look amazing. It may actually be REALLY ugly.
  5. If all else fails, tell them you don’t love it. They’ll understand as long as you’re polite about it.

There you have it! Easy ways to accept and avoid gifts you just don’t like. If you only learned 1 thing from this post, it should be not to ever be rude about a gift. -Lei&Tay


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